Job matching service for impaired persons.

Discover unknown job to Japanese Impaired persons

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​Full Experienced Staffs

​Global Educations known as English and   IT classes for IP and IPC障, International exchanges are our main  services as NPO to support impaired persons in Japan.

​Meeting with Ireland DPI CEO

​Full Care Services

We provide services to physically

 impaired persons and  some level of mental and development impaired persons 

We provide global educations, founding as an entrepreneur, business overseas, especially English and IT,

​Diversity and Inclusion should include disabled peoples and this is the main lproblem trough the world social welfare.

Educations classes  are charged but the members

have discount rate

For details

070-5564-4232 (Noda)

090-1310-6542   (Nakayam)



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[TICAD 7 Yokohama]

Participating Tokyo International Conference on African Development 7and speaked my opinion as impaired man at the International African Disabilities Conference. met one of the panelist from Senegal.

MAny of the countries in African continent were supported by JICA, but some countries as Nigeria was still in a dark age of abusing disabled peoples.

Our goal is SDGs and peace.

Manyo of the developing countries are still in a dark age and the well developed countries should support them and help pout from this​

​What we provide

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