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​International Exchange with


​2014,2015,2016, 2017

​Sharing informations and true history about Palestine at the Amabssador Residencve in Tokyo and enjoy party with palestine cuisine.


​46 Price of 5000JPY


Sight Seeig tour with​ the Development

Impaired Youngs


​They are very sensitive so coordinating these peoples are very difficult.


5​   46000JPY

​Visit DFI


Visit Disability Federation of Ireland

​Senator John Dolan talk about the system in japan supporting Disabilities' rights and employments



​Attend TICAD 7


Tokyo International Conference on African Developmenin Yokohama. Conference for African Disabilities' Initiative sponsored by JICA and UNDP and DPI.


​more than 3000

​Meeting with

Emotional Disability Committee 


​Sharing informations with a very rare diasbaility supporting organization which the CEO is a presidfent of an infant school in Northern Tokyo 



​International Exchange with Burkina Faso


Visit Burkina Faso Embassy in Tokyo and conversation with the A,bassador also with the UN ambasaador of Burkina faso who is an amputee same as me,​and talked about the system in Japan supporting Disabilities' rights and employments



​Visitig Imperial palace of Japan


​3 wheelchair user, 2 amputees, 3 ADHD, 1 ASD, I LD, I internal organ disability group and supporting each other is the most great scene in BPKSJP


​33 1000JPY pp

​Visit UN Vienna


​Sharing information about IImpaored person human right at UN Vienna


​more than 600

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